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Ortho On-Call

Accidents and injuries occur when you least expect them. When you are hurt and need help, wouldn’t it be nice to be seen promptly, at your convenience, and in an environment dedicated to your acute problem? Ortho On-Call is here for you. Ortho On-Call is the area’s first walk-in urgent care clinic designed specifically to treat acute orthopaedic-related injuries and conditions.

Ortho On-Call is an efficient alternative to the emergency room. You can save time and an extra visit by beginning your care with Ortho On-Call.

By focusing on bone and joint injuries, our orthopaedically trained clinicians, with the help of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, can provide fast and expert care tailored to your needs. You’ll be seen quickly by a professional who is familiar with your type of problem. We only treat orthopaedic injuries, so there is no need to wait alongside patients with potentially contagious illnesses. There is no need to be triaged behind patients with serious medical problems that may take longer to diagnose and treat.