Thanks to EVERYONE who came out for Saturday’s Halloween Drive-Thru Festival! Everyone looked like they had a really great time, and there were some awesome costumes for the Costume Contest! If your little one(s) are mentioned below, you were in the Top-12 best costumes overall, and you will need to contact the Westchester Management Office (804-379-9292) to set up a time to stop by and claim your prize! Congrats to all the winners!
–The Cereal Bunch (Kaylee, Paisley, Everlee, Trinity, Riley and Jaxson from Chesterfield)
–The Lion and Lion Tamer (Reid and Lila from Midlothian)
–Inspector Gadget (Daniel from Powhatan)
–Peter Pan/Tinker Bell (Mila and Brennan from North Chesterfield)
–Marty McFly (William from North Chesterfield)
–The Werewolf (Lilly from Midlothian)
–Diesel Mechanic (Jack from Midlothian)
–Coke Icee (Aniyah from North Chesterfield)
–Witch (Ryleigh from Powhatan)
–Maeve from “My Neighbor Totoro” (Kaylee from Midlothian)
–Alien Abductor (Ron from Midlothian)
–Queen Elsa (Avaleigh from North Chesterfield)

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the Winners!! You looked Mahhvellous!